Introduction to Morphosyntax

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No. ISBN : 975-623-7177-31-9
Penulis : Inayatul Mukarromah
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Tanggal Terbit : 2020
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This book is designed to help students to comprehend grammatical competence to writing; it is the basic of morphology and the basic of syntax competences. The contents of this book explained to the students, especially students whom they are in the early semester or who do not understand the process of word formation such as morpheme that classified into free morpheme and bound morpheme, inflection that classified into noun inflected the plural, adjective inflected to comparative and superlative, verb inflected the various of tense, derivation and affixation, compounding or et cetera. In addition, this book is also equipped by the process of forming a word that can be improved into phrases and clauses. If the students are in the early semester, they understand the rules of using grammatical elements well. Automatically students will be easier to write paragraph, essay, articles or journal, thesis and others or they will have a good confidence in writing.



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